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Why do we moan during sex?

According to sex and relationship expert Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, PhD., moaning is a natural part of sex. Moaning is a natural response to physical exertion and we also moan to communicate what feels good for us. “Keep going”, “don’t stop”, “right there”...even a simple “mmm” noise can tell your partner everything they need to know.

And now you can enjoy a wide selection of erotic audio stories with both male and female moaning sounds incorporated naturally into the stories to make your experience more authentic and exciting.

Listen to the story below, about a fun and kinky anniversary surprise between you and your lover and get lost in the steamy story, matching each moan with one of your own.

Meredith, 25

New York City, USA

Audiodesires made me feel turned on in a real way, that I had never experience with traditional porn.

Emma, 33

Los Angeles, USA

Wow! I'm not usually into porn, since I feel it tends to show women in a negative light, and it's usually so derogatory! But these stories are just amazing! I never feel belittled or uncomfortable, it's pure sensuality!

Ava, 29

London, UK

The narrators have such dreamy voices! I love hearing them get really into it. It's amazing! I can't get enough.

Are there audio stories with both girl moaning and guy moaning noises?

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Yes, we have a wide variety of stories available with both female and male moaning sounds effortlessly incorporated into the stories. If you’re looking to hear female audio moaning stories, you can use our filter to search through various female voices. If you’re looking for a deep, moaning male audio, you can even search by various accents such as British and American.

What is the appeal of moaning sounds in erotic stories?

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Hearing sexy moaning and orgasm sounds during sex can amplify your own sensations and provide you with confidence that your partner is being satisfied. The same way dirty talk enhances sex, let sexy moaning sounds (both male and female) amplify your masturbation sessions by listening to one of our steamy audio stories

What fetishes are treated in these stories?

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Various fetishes are addressed in our stories and you can select what you’re in the mood for...female dominance, voyeurism, roleplay, and more. In each story will be natural and sensual moaning and orgasm sounds that help enrich your listening experience.

If you’re into bondage, you can listen to audio stories that have incorporated a few pleasurable pain types of moans in the best spots of the story. If you’re looking for something more sensual, you can listen to pleasurable moans of a couple having sex on the anniversary.

What role does the volume of moaning and sex sounds play?

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The volume of moaning and orgasm sounds in audio erotica stories is just as important as the placement. If you’re listening to a romantic phone sex story, a well-timed, smooth, soft moan can set the tone just right. If you’re listening to an exciting, thrilling bondage tale, a sharp moan of painful pleasure can help you feel the tense atmosphere while you listen.

Our stories are professionally produced with all of this in mind to give you the best listening experience with the sexiest moaning audio sounds possible.

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Listening to audio sex stories by yourself or with a partner can allow you to explore new exciting things in the comfort of your own home. Moaning male audio, female moaning audio, orgasm sounds, and everything in between - our stories are brought to life by adding natural and powerful sex sounds to our stories. You can join Audiodesires and get instant access to 3 free stories, or you can sign up for a premium membership, which will grant you full access to the site, with new ones being added each week.


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