Enjoy sensual relaxation with erotic audiobook stories.

Enjoy sensual relaxation with erotic audiobook stories

Erotic Audio Stories by Audiodesires

Self-care is essential - and so many of us just gloss over it. While going out for a walk, practicing yoga, or indulging in a sweet treat are great ways to spoil yourself, really exploring yourself as a sexual being who deserves to feel pleasure is something not many of us make time for. With Audiodesires audiobooks, it’s easy. You can carve out 20-55 minutes of sensual self-care time with one of our relaxing audiobook stories.

As a platform, Audiodesires is dedicated to creating empowering, relatable content for both women and couples to enjoy (and indulge in) when it’s time for that romantic self-care. This year we have some new exciting things on the horizon. We can offer you a whole new way to treat yourself (and each other).

Let’s dive into the top 10 erotic audiobook stories you absolutely need to listen to this year. These rankings are created based on ratings they’ve been given by listeners just like you.

Meditiation Erotic Audio:10. Seduced by Paris

Narrator: Devlin

This romantic and sensual audio story details a morning in bed, reading a sexy love letter from your partner after he has already left. He confesses his love and recounts all the exciting and erotic things you did last night, in every naughty little detail. This 9-minute quickie romance is sure to get you and your lover in the mood for some sensual bonding time.

Listen to Seduced by Paris now.

Public Sex Erotic Audio:9. Mountaintop Adventure

Narrator: Daniel

In this audio sex story, you and your lover enjoy a nice hike in nature. Once you come to the top of the mountain, you smile in awe at the beautiful landscape before you. It isn’t long before you’re both exploring each other’s bodies in the intimate privacy of nature. Enjoy a public sex adventure in this 22 minute erotic audiobook.

Listen to Mountaintop Adventure now.

Meditiation Erotic Audio:8. Edge of Silk

Narrator: Devlin

During this erotic audio story, you will be guided through a sensual self-care session to help you revitalize and relax. It’s like daydreaming...all you need to do is close your eyes and let the sound of his voice wash over you. Join erotic audio artist Devlin Wylde in this sensual 52 minute meditation audiobook.

Listen to Edge of Silk now.

Romantic Erotic Audio:7. Wedding Night

Narrator: Elle

After so much planning, the night is finally here...you’re getting married. In this romantic audio sex story, you and your newly-wed husband cannot keep your hands off each other at the reception. As such, you decide to sneak away for some frisky fun while your guests are dancing. Relive magical moments in this 21 minute wedding night audiobook.

Listen to Wedding Night now.

Meditiation Erotic Audio:6. My Sensuous Valentine

Narrator: Devlin

Erotic audio artist Devlin is back with a sensual self care message for you: you deserve relaxation and pleasure. Explore a romantic, rose-scented evening while imagining the gentle touch of a lover giving you a deeply relaxing massage. Unwind and let your troubles melt away with this 33 minute meditation audiobook.

Listen to My Sensuous Valentine now.

Stranger Erotic Audio:5. Stranger in the Streets

Narrator: Veronica

Breakups are hard - we get it. In this audio sex story, you’re on a short, spur-of-the-moment vacation in Rome after ending a long-term relationship. The neon lights create shadows in the cobbled-stone streets and you find yourself being able to really breathe for the first time in months. You want to collect your broken pieces and glue them back together...and the handsome waiter from the local restaurant may be able to help with that. Enjoy a steamy foreigner fling in this 20 minute erotic audiobook.

Listen to Stranger in the Streets now.

Sex At Work Erotic Audio:4. Alone in the Office

Narrator: Robin

Who says work has to be boring? In this erotic audio story, you and your secret lover are the only ones left still in the office while everyone is away at an important meeting. You can’t stop flirting with each other - you both find it so hard to keep things under wraps while at work. Enjoy diving into this secret office romance in this 21 minute erotic audiobook.

Listen to Alone in the Office now.

Friends To Lovers Erotic Audio:3. The Muse

Narrator: Nathan

You have an appointment to discuss your latest assignment with your lecturer. During class, you can’t help but admire her - her body, her voice, the way she commands the room. You notice her gaze settling on you and hope she’s thinking about the same things you are. Your appointment proves to be equally pleasurable for you both as you get lost in each other. This 9-minute lesbian Erotic Audio is everyone’s naughtiest teacher-student fantasy come true.

Listen to The Muse now.

In The Car Erotic Audio:2. The Ranch Hand I

Narrator: Joel

You’re away at a business conference and are finally back in your hotel room, ready to unwind for the evening. You decide to call your husband and see how he’s doing at the house without you, and things quickly turn hot and steamy when he says he may have to touch himself while you talk, since he’s missed you so much. You’re intrigued, and play along, letting the intimate conversation lead as your hands explore your own body to the sound of his voice. This 8-minute Erotic Audio is great for couples who want to stay connected.

Listen to The Ranch Hand I now.

In Public Erotic Audio:1. Nightclub Heat

Narrator: Susan

This erotic audiobook features a stranger sex story that really brings the heat. You’re at the club with some friends when you notice a stranger making eye contact with you. She seems totally hypnotized by everything you’re doing. Soon, the attractive woman approaches you and things quickly heat up on the dance floor. It’s not long before you’re getting lost in each other in the ladies’ restroom. Listen to things get wild with a sexy stranger in this 20-minute LGBTQ+ audiobook story.

Listen to Nightclub Heat now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Erotic Audiobook Stories

What are the best audiobook erotic stories on Audiodesires?

The list you see above is a “top 10” of our choices for the best audio book erotic stories on Audiodesires. These stories range from 20 minutes to 55 minutes and include topics from sensual meditation guides to steamy, intimate hookup stories. We have an erotic audio book to suit your every mood.

What makes audiobooks stand out?

While our typical steamy stories range from 5-20 minutes, erotic audio books range from 20-55 minutes and offer you a longer self-care, self-love session. Audiodesires offers 3 free stories every week (you can register for your free account today). If you like what you hear, why not sign up for a premium account and indulge in our entire selection of intimate audio stories.

What makes a good audiobook?

The advantage of erotic audio (compared to visual porn) is that you can listen from everywhere and anywhere – especially with your headphones. Good audiobooks include top-notch narration, immersive sound effects and atmospheric sounds that promote relaxation.

How are these stories ranked?

There is something for everyone here, and we have created a system to help you effortlessly find the perfect story to suit your mood.

Erotic Audio (Spiciness Level 1)

Erotic audio stories are about sensuality and intimacy. These stories will focus on things like teasing, bonding and connecting with your partner.

Audio Sex (Spiciness Level 2)

Audio sex aim to go a little deeper into the dynamic between lovers. These stories are more descriptive with things such as foreplay, sex and the rush of feelings that come from exploring new fantasies.

Audio Porn (Spiciness Level 3)

Audio porn often focus on specific kinks, fetishes and desires. These types of stories can be more explicit and allow you to experiment and explore new things both by yourself and with a partner..


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